Quenching a Thirst… Test Lab Hydration

Tenuous title link aside, here's a collection of scripts and steps that will help you hydrate a test lab. The scripts are designed to mirror an exiting environment.   Plant Your Forest If you have the luxury of an Azure subscription take a look at the below forest build script. It will allow you to add member servers and clients,…


Schedule a System State Backup with PowerShell

In the wonderful world of Active Directory we're rather fond of System State backups. For starters, they allow for Authoritative and Non-Authoritative restores of both Active Directory and SYSVOL. Hopefully, you'll never find yourself in a situation where you have to restore a System State backup, especially with the advent of the Active Directory Recycle…


NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA: Build an AD DS Forest in Azure

Hello… from the snow! (BTW – that's NOT me right at the very back!)   Cycling seems to be the best way to get around at the moment. This week, apart from riding my bike, what else have I done whilst 'snowed in'? Well, one task has been to update a script I wrote last year that…


Scripting Tips and Tricks: Param()

Param() – the next instalment in the exciting Scripting Tips and Tricks series! I'm a tidy person: tidy desk, tidy mind, and all that jazz. I believe in being as thorough and proper in my scripts and functions as possible. To that end, I delight in using PowerShell features such as: #Requires… to ensure certain conditions…


Use PowerShell to Check for High Privilege Group Membership

Here’s my latest ‘Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog’ outing: Use PowerShell to Search Active Directory for High-Privileged Accounts   It’s the second in a four-part series on securing and optimising RODC administration. Here’s the first post: Use PowerShell to Work with RODC Accounts Here’s some more background: Security TechCenter  


Introducing Scriptify!

A bit of a departure this week… One of my colleagues in the UK has put together 'Scriptify' to categorise the 700+ SharePoint cmdlets: Scriptify  As an administrative value-add and as a beginner's learning aid I really like the concept. What about applying this to the Active Directory and Group Policy cmdlets? Whilst there isn't anywhere…


Active Directory Replication Cmdlets – Site Creation

To create an Active Directory site with VBScript took about 30 lines of code and it took a few less lines to create an Active Directory site with v1 of PowerShell. With the introduction of the Active Directory PowerShell module in Windows Server 2008 R2, you could cut this down to 5 lines. Here's an example: #Previously on…


Remote Group Policy Update – 'Under the Bonnet'

Windows Server 2012 introduced the ability to perform remote Group Policy updates, kicked-off from the Group Policy Management Console or via the Invoke-GPUpdate PowerShell cmdlet. So… what happens when you schedule a remote Group Policy update? Before I start, the first thing to mention is that these updates can only be performed against Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008, or later,…