Post #200! a.k.a A Brave New Blog


200! It only seems like yesterday that I was celebrating 100 posts. Fugit inreparabile tempus!

When I started blogging as PoSh Chap, I set myself the goal of producing a blog post each week. At times, it has been a tough target: there is such a thing as writer's block and also such things as deadlines and customer demands... but, PowerShell is my muse and what a muse she is! The good times far outweigh the bad.

And, so, it is with a sniff of sadness that I now announce a change in cadence, a.k.a. a brave new blog: I plan to post as and when appropriate, rather than on a weekly basis.

But, that's not all folks! The 200 milestone also coincides with my taking of a new role in Microsoft. I'm now going to be working in the Azure Active Directory Get-To-Production team, part of the Azure Engineering division. This move also informs my decision to change the publishing cadence. I suspect it will also transform the blog subject matter... all PowerShell related, of course!

Some interesting blog statistics*:

  • Consistently in top 3% of TechNet blogs
  • Consistently over 14,000 page views per month
  • Average 881 page views per day for lifetime of Blog
  • 193 four star + ratings
  • 4 posts rated by MSDN as "Has possibly gone viral. This is full of win!"
  • Associated scripts on TechNet repository have 50,000+ downloads

*one for my manager!


Finally, I must thank every single one of you that has looked at one of my posts, from the single visitor to the subscribers. You are legend! Thanks to all those folks who have rated posts, added comments, pointed out typos, added their own code, suggested improvements or alternatives... you all contribute to the awesomeness of the PowerShell community. Thanks to PoSh, thanks to the PoSh family and thanks to the PoSh chickens.

Man, anyone would think I'm accepting an Oscar, not changing the post-frequency of a technology blog!



A final word picture (for now)...



Have fun!



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