Intelllisense in the Console

You're running a cmdlet in the PowerShell.exe host console. You want to see what parameters are available to you. You can tab through them, after inputting a hyphen, until you get the one you want... but, how do you display them all and then chose the one you want, avoiding the help file?


 Enter  Intellisense, Stage Left

Instead of pressing tab after the hyphen, try Ctrl & Space. You'll see this...


Now, use the arrow keys to arrive at the parameter you want and press Space.


You can also use Intellisense to show values that can be supplied to a parameter.


If there are too many results, input the first letter for Intellisense to work with, e.g. X and then use Ctrl & Space.



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  1. Use it always for parameter names but didn’t know for parameter values.
    Thanks Ian!

  2. GS says:

    Does not work in Integrated Console of VS code ;-(

    1. This is using the PSReadline module in the PowerShell Console which was bundled with PowerShell 5 (but back compatible to 3 IIRC)

      This feature is only currently available in the PowerShell console not VSCode but I believe that this is coming soon

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