Security Focus One Liner: AD Privileged User and Password Doesn’t Expire

I get to perform security assessments against Active Directory. It's always fascinating.

There's a check that lists privileged users that are configured to not expire their password.


Now, a proportion of flagged accounts are Service Accounts, but, there's sometimes human-associated administrative accounts listed. This poor administrative practice still happens... after all these years of Active Directory, and after all these years of high-profile compromises. It's an easy one to fix and monitor.

If you're not already actively monitory this scenario, here's some PowerShell to provide an insight into your own exposure.

#Loop through each domain in the forest
(Get-ADForest).Domains | ForEach-Object {

    #Find objects configured with admincount = 1 and password set to not expire
    $Findings = Get-ADUser -Filter {(AdminCount -eq 1) -and (PasswordNeverExpires -eq $true)} -Server $_ -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

    #If $Findings is populated, export to CSV
    if ($Findings) {

        #Get short domain name
        $DomainName = (Get-ADDomain -Identity $_).Name.ToUpper()
        $Findings | Export-Csv -Path ".\$($DomainName)_ADMIN_AND_DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWORD.csv"

    }   #End of if ($Findings)

}   #End of ForEach-Object


A simple filter on Get-ADUser does the work for us, and if you're interested in learning more about AdminCount -eq 1, have a look here.

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