ADMirror PowerShell Module

Following on from my post about Test Lab Hydration, I've just released a Dump AD Groups script and a Mirror AD Groups script.

Dump Groups

Mirror Groups


And there's more...


ADMirror Module

I've also added the various dump / mirror scripts I've written to a PowerShell module, as functions, found on the TechNet Script Repository...

PowerShell ADMirror


You can also find the ADMirror module published to the PowerShell Gallery...


Save-Module -Name ADMirror -Path <path>


Install-Module -Name ADMirror


Fight the (f)Lab

Here's how to use the module...

In the source domain:

  1. Dump OUs
  2. Dump Users
  3. Dump Groups
  4. Dump GPOs
In the target, test domain:
  1. Mirror OUs
  2. Mirror Users
  3. Mirror Groups
  4. Mirror GPOs


Have fun!

If there's something else in AD you want mirrored then please let me know...



Comments (3)

  1. heythere says:

    this is awesome

  2. Ronald D says:

    Have you ever done the same type of script for computer accounts.

    1. Been on the ‘to-do’ list for a while, Ronald… can’t see me doing it anytime soon. You could take the use one and adapt, no?

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