Scripting Tips & Tricks: ISE – Alt + Shift + Left Mouse Button

Here's a very useful one shown to me by one of my Dutch colleagues, Stefan Stranger.

I keep using this over and over, so it's going to be of value to others.



You've got a block of code in your ISE that you've tabbed / indented across too much. Eh? Look at this:


Rather than 'untab' / 'outdent' each line individually wouldn't it be nice to be able to move a block of lines in one go?



Place the cursor at the top or bottom of the block you want to move:


Now, press Alt-Shift-Left Mouse button, in that sequence, keeping you finger on each button. Drag the cursor down the side of the block until you see a horizontal blue line and the cursor has moved to the bottom of the block:


With the blue line in place you can press backspace to move the block backwards to the desired position:

It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you've mastered it, it's invaluable.


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  1. David Wallis says:

    Column editor is far better for prepending stuff like out-null… for the indentation just highlight the block and press tab to indent, shift tab to outdent (is that a word??)

    1. Shift-Tab wasn’t available in earlier versions of ISE, though 😉

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