Find, Disable and Move 'Stale' User or Computer Accounts


Ho! Ho! Ho!

A gift from me to you! Well, it's not much of a gift, but it's the gesture that counts!

Here's a gift function I wrote recently:

Find, Disable and Move 'Stale' Active Directory Accounts


It helps you identify 'stale' user and computer accounts. It also allows you to disable those accounts and move them to an OU of your choice.

Before you unwrap your present I would advise having a read of this great article by Ken Brumfield:

Identifying Stale User and Computer Accounts



Comments (2)

  1. Tom.Brown says:

    Great information, it explanation that how to find, disable and move ‘stale’ user or computer accounts from active directory environment. I found the automate utility from that helps me to find out disable and stale user/computer accounts and manage disable and stale accounts that have not logged on within x number of
    days and move them to another OU. This tool easily generates the comprehensive report basis on disable and stale user and computer accounts.

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