Equipping Students to Build Websites and Teach Class

by Peter Galli on November 22, 2010 01:45pm

Microsoft Canada has used the launch of its new localized Port 25 site with a nine part video series documenting the teachings of The Yorkville Media Centre, commonly known as the YMC.

Julia Stowell, the Community Manager for Microsoft Canada, reports that over a period of nine weeks, participants embark on a journey of learning how to build a website, along with course materials, which will equip each student with the ability to teach their own “YMC” type of class - to their own communities, friends, and whoever else will listen.

The class project is to build an enhanced YMC site that will promote community building and sharing. Look for a new video each week here and follow along with the YMC family. The new YMC site will launch in January of 2011. You’ll be able to find all the resources including student discussion, links to technologies used, and session presentations.

You can read Julia's full blog post here.

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