The Bing 404 for WordPress Plugin Debuts

by Peter Galli on June 03, 2010 05:05pm

The Interoperability Strategy team today announced that it has produced, in partnership with PHP developer Cal Evans, the Bing 404 for WordPress plugin. This new plugin leverages the Bing Search Library for PHP, which was released earlier this week.

When added to a WordPress based website, the Bing 404 for WordPress plugin, which Microsoft is making available through the WordPress Plugin Directory, ensures that visitors to the site who request a page that would normally produce a 404 error, will now get a custom page with dynamic Bing search links related to the information they were looking for.

You can find more information about the Bing 404 for WordPress plugin on Microsoft's Interoperability blog and on this tutorial posted by Cal Evan.More information on the Bing Search Library for PHP can be found here.

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