New WordPress Plugin Leverages the Azure Storage Service

by Peter Galli on May 21, 2010 02:02pm

The good work on the Interoperability front continues with today’s release of a WordPress plugin that enables WordPress to use Windows Azure Storage Service to host media for a WordPress-powered blog.

This plugin was developed directly by Microsoft’s Interoperability team  and released to the WordPress community.

The Windows Azure Storage plugin for WordPress allows developers running their own instance of WordPress to take advantage of the Windows Azure Storage services, including the Content Delivery Network (CDN) feature. It provides a consistent storage mechanism for WordPress Media in a scale-out architecture where the individual web servers don’t share a disk.

This scenario could also be very compelling to any other web application where there’s a need to load balance across a number of web servers without shared disk.

This is yet another good example of how Microsoft is actively participating in, and contributing to, the Open Source community.

You can find more information on this at the Interopeability blog, and developers can try it out here.

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