The All-In-One Code Framework

by Jialiang on January 18, 2010 12:33pm


Are you looking for good and well documented working code samples of Microsoft development technologies? Well, if you are, the Microsoft Community Support team has prepared an all-in-one code framework for you, which is easy to learn  and use - the essence of development.

The All-In-One Code Framework, which is licensed under the OSI-approved MS-PL, delineates the framework and skeleton of almost all Microsoft development techniques through typical sample codes in three popular programming languages:Visual C#, VB.NET, Visual C++.

Each sample is selected, composed, and documented to demonstrate a coding scenario that is frequently-asked for, tested, or used, based on the community team's customer support experience in MSDN newsgroups and forums.

There are already over 300 code samples in the set. They cover 24 Microsoft development technologies, including Silverlight, Windows Forms, and WPF. The collection is growing at a rate of some six samples a week.

You can find the up-to-date list of samples in All-In-One Code Framework Sample Catalog, or follow the project on Twitter.

For example, here is the layout of code samples for the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technology:

Here is what you get in the Silverlight download for September:

This sample code project has the following unique features:


Three Languages

Technology Skeleton

Sample Source


Besides these unique features, the code examples in the All-In-One Code Framework are typical, extensible, structured, complete, well-documented, and easy to understand.

If you have any feedback on the project or questions about its samples, please post them on the project Discussion board, or via the project feedback address.

More information about All-In-One Code Framework can also be found at the following resources:

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