Silverlight on Linux

by Sam Ramji on September 05, 2007 08:45am

For those of you who have met Miguel de Icaza, you know right away what I mean when I say that he is one of the most energetic people I’ve ever met.  Clearly, the whole Moonlight team (whom I haven’t met) would also qualify for this appellation – in roughly 21 days between May and June, they collectively built an alpha implementation of Silverlight on Linux, based on many pieces of the Mono codebase.

After a great deal of work between the Moonlight and .NET teams, we’re ready to formally announce that we (Microsoft and Novell) will be bringing Silverlight to Linux, fully supported and including application and media codec compatibility.

The expansion of the existing work between Microsoft and Novell to include support for Silverlight on all Linux platforms is a major step in the journey of interoperability that we are on.  We’ve heard clearly from the community that a full cross-platform web development solution is not only Windows and Macintosh, but must include Linux.  I think this is a big deal.  While we’ve licensed media codecs before, this represents a fully heterogeneous implementation of a strategic client technology.

Here’s to a better web and support for all users.  Hopefully this will help breed further productive conversations about what developers and users need, and in someone else’s famous words, we can all “just get along.”



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