Barton George interviews Sam Ramji

by Sam Ramji on August 30, 2007 05:57pm

On the day before OSCON officially kicked off I was heading back from the Oregon Convention Center to downtown and ended up standing on the MAX next to someone who caught my attention for two reasons.  First, he was the first person to tell me about the Tim O'Reilly/Eben Moglen conversation from earlier in the morning which I had missed.  Second he had a cool flash memory microphone that he used to record podcasts on the fly.  Turns out it was Baron George (, Group Manager, Free and Open Source Software from Sun.

I had a nice chat with Barton (and we helped each other navigate the heavily under construction Portland downtown) and little did I know he also had a conversation with Sam Ramji that day.  The podcast has been posted and you can download it here.  Enjoy.

From Barton's Blog:

"TopicsWhere the Open Source Software Lab fits within Microsoft; How big is Sam's group; When software technologies compete, you win;  What reaction does he get when he turns up at FOSS events; Debating Eben Moglen at OSBC -- no one wants patent Armageddon;  Is there a Wubuntu in the works?."

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