OSI Submission Update

by jonrosenberg on August 10, 2007 11:45am

Just a brief update to my OSCON blog post.  Today we started the ball rolling on the submission of our Shared Source licenses to the OSI approval process.  We are submitting two licenses, the Microsoft Permissive License (MS-PL) and Microsoft Community License (MS-CL).  Thank you to both Russ Nelson and Michael Tiemann for the guidance and informed opinions as we worked through this process.

The first step in the submission process was to post the licenses in HTML format on a web site.  We’ve done that and you can see them here.   We’ve also provided the license approval committee with our analysis of how these new submissions contribute to the body of OSI approved licenses.  In addition we’ve sent an e-mail to the license-discuss alias, describing the submission.

We look forward to some lively discussion on license-discuss over the next week.  After that, I personally look forward to two weeks of vacation, during which time any activity involving a computer will be considered by my family to be a serious infringement of vacation terms.  I will be picking up the discussion thread again after Labor Day and look forward to continuing the journey.

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