Justin Steinman and Sam Ramji on the Novell/Microsoft Partnership

by Sam Ramji on August 03, 2007 02:51pm

Back in the Spring, Sam Ramji attended an Olliance event entitled, the Open Source Think Tank. It's a smaller gathering, and well attended by nearly 100 or so executives and influential developer-users of open source software. During one of the sessions, Sam and Justin Steinman took an impromptu moment to answer some tough questions regarding the nature of the Microsoft-Novell partnership. Justin Steinman is Novell's Director of Marketing for Linux and Open Platforms.

Many of the questions had been asked before and in fact have been posited more than once on Port 25. We thought these discussions would be interesting to the community at large - ...so Sam & Justin hopped on the phone recently to answer them in podcast format. Take a listen....I try to emcee - but these are tough guys to keep on one topic 🙂 As always, we welcome feedback and we'll invite Sam & Justin to answer the comments. If you want more information on the Novell partnership - you may want to check out moreinterop.com - home to most announcements, events and information related to the partnership.


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