Samba, IPv6 and Windows/Linux Interoperability: Sam interviews Dr. David Holder

by Sam Ramji on May 31, 2007 05:36pm

I got the chance to meet many extremely smart developers last month at SambaXP, the annual Samba developer conference.  After attending I’m convinced that the Samba team knows more about how Windows networking works than most Microsoft developers.

One of the most informative sessions I attended was led by Dr. David Holder, an expert on IP networking and Windows/Linux interoperability.  Specifically, he focuses on the IPv6 protocol, implementation, and interop, where he sees great opportunities for improved service levels in a range of applications and environments, but also sees a coming wave of interoperability problems between IPv6 implementations on various platforms.

He’s done some very slick stuff in getting Samba to work with Windows Vista and Longhorn’s IPv6 stack, which is encouraging, and lays out a roadmap for future interop work between the platforms.

We are posting the link to his slides along with this podcast of his interview, and David will be available to answer questions posted to the comments section of this page.




Dr. Holder's SambaXP “Vista and Samba with IPv6” presentation:


Details regarding how to IPv6 enable Samba4:

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