New Codeplex Projects….

by MichaelF on March 29, 2007 07:26pm

Project Name Description License
DSL TreeGrid Editor PowerToy This project aims to provide a new capability that will allow you to very easily provide a custom ‘tool window’ specifically for your DSL language that edits hierarchical domain classes and relationships (embedded or referenced). MS-PL
Project Helping Hand Project Helping hand is an Outlook 2007 add-in that provides a way for MVPs to work with the MSDN forums at ( from a rich client. MS-PL
Live in a Box A packaged experience of Windows Live technology, in a box.  This project familiarizes you with the following, using a slew of sample applications which you can walk through in an hour - it's the fastest way to learn about Windows Live. MS-PL
Crash a Party This sample mashup uses the Windows Live Contacts Control and Virtual Earth to place your Windows Live Contacts on a map. It allows you to map your contacts, choose a place to meet, and then send customized driving directions in e-mail to each of your contacts and it also incorporating data feeds  from third-party event calendaring sites. MS-PL
POX.NET POX.NET is a set of utility classes that assist in creating POX (Plain Old Xml) clients and servers in .NET 2.0. This library leverages classes within .NET 2.0 and does not require any additional add-ons. With POX.NET you can create a POX client and server with a few lines of code. MS-PL
Windows Installer PowerShell Extensions Exposes Windows Installer functionality to PowerShell, providing means to query installed product and patch information and to query views on packages. MS-PL
EFS Assistant The EFS Assistant is a tool shipping as part of the "Data Encryption Toolkit" Solution Accelerator from the Microsoft Solution Accelerators team ( MS-PL


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