Cross-Platform Access to Codeplex Compliments of our Friends at Teamprise

by MichaelF on March 20, 2007 08:40pm

1/Podcast_3A00_-Accessing-VS-Team-Foundation-Server-from-Mac_2C00_-UNIX-or-Linux-through-Eclipse.aspx" target=_blank mce_href="">Martin Woodward from Teamprise regarding their suite of client applications that provide cross-platform access to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. 


Today Teamprise announced that they are providing complimentary licenses for the Teamprise Client Suite to developers who plan to use the license to access Codeplex.  This allows projects with developers on the Eclipse IDE along with anyone on the Mac, Linux or Unix platforms to use Codeplex for hosting their projects.

To obtain access to the client go to the sign-up page.

To provide some additional information on this release and Teamprise, Anandeep sat down with Martin to catch up.

Martin's Blog about this announcement can be found here.


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