MySQL Conference 2007

by jcannon on March 08, 2007 03:38am

Folks may be aware of our technical collaborations with open source companies like Zend, JBoss and SugarCRM, but to-date, our work with MySQL hasn't gained as much attention.

Some background. Over the summer of 2006, MySQL joined the Visual Studio Industry Program, a program that grants institutions, researchers, companies,etc. access to the extensibility components of Visual Studio. This, in turn, allows Visual Studio to become a platform for developers to build new functionality on-top of what we release. There's even a catalog for these extensions.

MySQL's extension is hosted here and allows for full DDEX capability and database object manipulation from within Visual Studio Server Explorer.  It's a great example of the technical collaboration and engineering work needed to create the code behind interoperability.

The good news is we'll be talking more about this in the coming months. And as part of our continuing relationship with MySQL, we're also a sponsor of their upcoming user conference. While we work out the details, please drop a line if you're planning on attending.

Additional MySQL on Windows Resources:

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