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by MichaelF on February 09, 2007 03:41pm

In response to some requests from Port 25 visitors, this week I am going to start a weekly series of posts focused on new Codeplex releases.  Because we haven't done this in the past, I'm going to look back about a month on this first post but moving forward I'll provide a weekly update.  These updates are primarily going to focus on releases made by Microsoft but if you own a Codeplex project and you'd like to see it listed here, please shoot me a mail:

Project Name Description License
ASP.NET RSS Toolkit ASP.NET RSS Toolkit gives ASP.NET applications the ability to consume and publish to RSS feeds. MS-PL
Groove Web Services V12 Helpers A C# .NET assembly that provides an abstraction layer for all of Groove 3.1 and Groove 2007 web services. The goal of the abstraction layer is to provide an easy to use API, with an object and eventing model, so that applications that interact with Groove can be built quickly and in a straight forward manner. MS-PL
Smart Client Guidance
(Patterns and Practices)
Site dedicated to the following patterns & practices offerings:
-The Composite UI Application Block
-The Smart Client Software Factory
-The Mobile Client Software Factory
-Updater Application Block
-Offline Application Block
Patterns and Practices License (Modified version of MS-LPL)
Enterprise Library
(Patterns and Practices)
The patterns & practices Enterprise Library is a library of application blocks designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges. Application blocks are a type of guidance, provided as source code that can be used "as is," extended, or modified by developers to use on enterprise development projects. Patterns and Practices License (Modified version of MS-LPL)
Sharepoint Shared Services Search Provider Property Creation A neat little command utility that lets you do four things when moving a DB from development to production.
-Accept relevant inputs from the user
-Export Managed Properties
-Export Crawl Properties and relevant categories
-Import Managed properties and map relevant crawl properties
SharePoint 2007 Shared Services Provider User Profile Importer Designed and developed to allow users who do not have a well populated Active Directory to get information in to MOSS 2007 User Profiles MS-PL
SharePoint 2007 Shared Services Provider User Profile Property Replicator Designed to take custom user profile properties and export/import them into another MOSS 2007 server. MS-PL
GAX Extensions Library
(Patterns and Practices)
This library contains various utility classes to supplement those already included with the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) to Visual Studio 2005. MS-PL
Swedish Reference Application .NET application/solution that will be leveraged as a reference application for Swedish Developer events and discussions. The ambition is to create a common solution that easily can be modified to include new features as well as adopt to new technologies and recommendations and continuously update the source code and references. MS-PL
WMI Shell Folder A shell folder integrating a view of WMI into explorer. MS-PL
Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals Samples Samples project for Microsoft Visual Studion Team Edition 2005 for Database Professionals MS-PL
Web Service Software Factory
(Patterns and Practices)
Integrated collection of tools, patterns, source code and prescriptive guidance. It is designed to help you quickly and consistently construct WCF and ASMX Web services that adhere to well known architecture and design patterns Patterns and Practices License (Modified version of MS-LPL)
Darauk's Tools Source code control for Darauk's projects, utilities, and tools. MS-PL
PHP for Microsoft AJAX Library Support for using the Microsoft AJAX Library on top of PHP. Previous version released as sample code. MS-PL
ASP.NET Real World Controls Real World implementations of custom GridViews MS-PL

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