A Technical Look at ASP.NET AJAX

by MichaelF on February 02, 2007 06:36pm


Following up on our post yesterday here is an interview Sam did with ASP.NET Technical Evangelist:  Steve Marx. 

Steve discusses the three components of ASP.NET AJAX and shows us a demo of the software formerly known as ATLAS running on top of PHP on Linux to demonstrate some of the front and backend extraction capabilities. 

If you are interested in looking a bit more deeply at ASP.NET AJAX, as well as the PHP support Steve released to Codeplex, here are some links he provided:

ASP.NET AJAX:  http://ajax.asp.net/
Direct link to download the Microsoft AJAX Library:  http://ajax.asp.net/downloads/library/default.aspx?tabid=47
PHP for Microsoft AJAX Library:  http://codeplex.com/phpmsajax
Steve's Blog:  http://smarx.com/


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