Catching up with Sugar CRM: Sam interviews Jacob Taylor


by MichaelF on November 13, 2006 10:39am

While we were in San Jose for Zendcon we had the opportunity to spend some time with Jacob Taylor, CTO of Sugar CRM.  As you may remember, Microsoft and Sugar announced a technical collaboration in February focused on improving the experience of deploying and running Sugar on Windows.  Sugar also decided to release the a new Sugar Suite distribution under the Ms-CL (Microsoft Community License) as part of the Shared Source Program.

In this interview Sam and Jacob discuss the path that led Jacob to being co-founder and CTO of Sugar CRM as well as what has been happening at Sugar since February.  We also get Jacob's thoughts on the commercial open-source model that Sugar pioneered and the collaboration announced by Microsoft and Zend which has an impact on Sugar and its customers.



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