Andi Gutmans on working with Microsoft & Improving PHP Performance on Windows

by MichaelF on October 31, 2006 08:31am


Today at Zendcon Bill Hilf and Andi Gutmans announced a new technical collaboration aimed at improving the performance of PHP on Windows both for IIS 6 as well as in the future including IIS 7 on Longhorn.  The partnership has multiple components including Microsoft releasing a FastCGI add-on for IIS and Zend will establish a Windows testing lab to ensure high performance on an ongoing basis.  In the end the winners are the millions of PHP developers and hosters who want an viable choice in operating systems.

In this interview Sam and Andi discuss how Zend came to be as well as the details of the announcement.  Andi provides his perspective on what this collaboration will mean to the PHP community and has a question of his own for Sam.

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