Centrify’s Paul Moore Fields Questions from the Community


by jcannon on October 19, 2006 04:40pm

Paul Moore sits down with Sam in this podcast, our second go around with Centrify. For those who don't know, Centrify builds software that provides access control and centralized identity management in mixed networks (Yes, this can include Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac, J2EE and web platforms with Active Directory). This interview is a bit different as Sam runs through questions submitted to Port 25 from the first Centrify interview and Paul takes the opportunity to directly answer the community.

Centrify is also a sponsor of TechX, a roadshow being sponsored by IBM, Linux.com, Slashdot, Microsoft and others to help customers better enable interoperabiliy between operating systems, directories, applications (headed to DC, Chicago, Dallas & San Fran - check it out).



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