Developer Resources for Open Source Software on Vista

by MichaelF on October 10, 2006 12:10pm

Recently we posted about, an online resource for Vista Application Compatibility questions/guidance.  After posting we received some feedback that with some changes they could become much more useful for Open Source Developers.  Based on this feedback we are going to create a set of resources specifically tailored for the open source developer/ISV. 

This is where we would like some help.  We can move forward with this based on our understanding and assumptions or we can involve our community and ensure that the “right” changes are being made.  To this end we are seeking a small group of volunteers who would be willing to act as a review/guidance team.  This endeavor should not be tremendously time consuming.  We anticipate a single review/feedback cycle of existing content to get us started.  After an initial pass we will request one to two more review cycles to ensure we are on the right path.

While the time required is not tremendous, the impact of your participation will be.  Please drop a line to if you are interested.



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