Lessons from OSCON Part 2: Sara Ford interviews James Howison

by MichaelF on October 03, 2006 06:42pm

About a month ago, I did a presentation on What I Learned from OSCON, based primarily on James Howison's talk on OSS Communities.  Since James had such great and interesting feedback on my presentation, we decided to do a follow-up podcast.  I'm trying to publically capture as much of this journey as possible of a team at Microsoft learning how to go open.  Maybe this journey will make for an interesting OSCON '07 talk, I hope.  =)



James Howison is a doctoral student on Kevin Crowston's NSF-funded research team at the Syracuse University Information School and a regular presenter at O’Reilly events.  At OSCON '06, James gave a talk on OSS Communities, where Sara Ford took notes until her fingers went numb.

Sara Ford is the Program Manager for the Power Toys for Visual Studio.  Her mission is to explore the various ways Microsoft developers can have conversations with the Visual Studio community at the source code level, while providing great after-market solutions to developer pain-points via Shared Source.

Attachment: http://port25.technet.com/videos/podcasts/jameshowison.mp3

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