by MichaelF on September 12, 2006 07:25pm

It has been a while since I posted a blog, and I really have no other excuse than that I have been very busy. I have had a whole bunch of blog ideas percolating in the back of my mind, and I will be writing them down soon.

When we started port25 and the OSSL it was met with great skepticism.  But there have been a lot of changes going on around us here at Microsoft. And one of those I wanted to bring to your attention.

A few years ago the mere thought of Open Source at Microsoft was ridiculed both inside and outside of the company. But I am starting to see small and sometimes not so small changes. This blog describes a very positive change.

As you might all know, I went to the 2006 OSCON conference in Portland. And there I met another Microsoft employee, Sara Ford. She works in the Visual Studio and Power Toys area.  She has been a very active blogger in the past (unlike myself, working on it though!) And you can find her page here.

We got to talking at the conference and I have worked with her a little since then and found her to be a very energetic person greatly interested in OSS. But why is this interesting???   Well she attended a session at OSCON given by James Howison. (See his OSCON session info here ) And his presentation was on open source communities.

She was so impressed by it that she is currently working on Open Sourcing the Power Toys. I had the pleasure to sit in the training she gave the team, you can see more of the training she gave (unfortunately I was there as well and probably messed up the whole video by opening my mouth. So ignore me!) here.

In any case, who would ever thought Microsoft would open sourcing anything. But it is happening, and in future blogs I will give you all more insight on my first 4 or so months here and the changes I am seeing both internal and external.

Till then!


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