Lessons from OSCON: The Power Toys Team Learns How To Go "Open"

by MichaelF on September 11, 2006 03:16pm




Be careful what you write on your blog about having such a great time at OSCON, because the

Port 25 team will find it!  I mentioned that I had wanted to do a second video regarding everything I had learned at OSCON.  I was (almost) embarrassed how my first video interview fell into the category of “common misconceptions about running OSS projects.”  Knowing me, I had to correct this at once.





James Howison, a doctoral student on Kevin Crowston's NSF-funded research team at the Syracuse University Information School and a regular presenter at O’Reilly events, gave this incredible tutorial about OSS communities.  I couldn’t wait to get back to campus to show my team what I had learned and how we were going to apply it to our power toys.  So, we all decided to film the presentation in order to capture the discussions of a team at Microsoft going open and have something to share with other teams that are interested.  I think this is extremely cool stuff, and I hope you agree and want to see more like it.





As a follow-up we hope to get James in for a pod cast interview in the near future to provide some feedback and insight on this topic.  Stay tuned.




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