Open Source Applications on Windows Vista: Readiness Kit

by MichaelF on September 06, 2006 12:19am

·         Guidance

·         Technical Whitepapers

·         Tools

·         Demos

·         Thirty minute compatibility check

·         Extended feature details

·         Integration guidance

·        Application compatibility

·        Communications

·         Interoperability and Migration

·         Mobile PC

·         Presentation

·         Security

·         System Services



Recently Mozilla’s Mike Beltzner suggested we provide:  "Something like a checklist of the most common OS integration points that have changed from Windows XP would be extremely useful…"



Turns out there are some useful resources already available, see above, for those interested in developing Open Source applications for Windows Vista or ensuring that their current applications are compatible. 


I took a few minutes to speak with Michael Shaw, Technical Evangelist, to get some additional details on the resources available at the sites listed above.  The following is a short synopsis of our conversation.



What is



MShaw:  The site is an aggregation of tools, whitepapers, presentations and videos intended to help developers understand how to make their existing Windows XP applications compatible with Windows Vista.


Are there other sites aside from devreadiness that developers can turn to?



MShaw:  Yes, but many of the resources available on those sites are either linked from devreadiness or the tools/resources are also located on our site.  Consider this a one-stop shop for Vista application compatibility resources.



Is there anything in particular that those interested should take a look at?



MShaw:  Yes. I would first take a look at the Application Compatibility Cookbook that is located here: This is the first document developers should look at concerning application compatibility. We have identified and addressed the major areas affecting applications when changing from Windows XP to Windows Vista. I’d like to point out the section on Computer Defaults as this is one big area that developers should take a close look to ensure compatibility for users.




Thanks to Michael Shaw for taking the time to talk with us and to Scott Laster who manages these sites.  If you have specific questions about devreadiness or the Application Compatibility Cookbook, let us know.




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