Distributing the Future: Open Source at Microsoft

by jcannon on August 29, 2006 01:58pm

Last week, O'Reilly Media posted portions of two conversations that took place at the O'Reilly Radar Executive Briefing. One between Tim O'Reilly and Brian Behlendorf about lessons from Apache and CollabNet, and the onter between Bill Hilf and Danese Cooper of Intel about Open Source at Microsoft. O'Reilly was kind enough to allow us to re-post these discussions on Port 25 - we're hoping you enjoy the lively, and frank discussion as much as we did.  Details below...

From O'Reilly:
Distributing the Future
August 21, 2006: "Open Source at Microsoft"
Total running time: 33:40


    • 0:50 Software as Service
      There's a lot of software that you use each day without downloading to your own machine. From the O'Reilly Radar's Executive Briefing at OSCON, CollabNet Founder and CTO Brian Behlendorf talks to Tim O'Reilly about the lessons he's learned from Apache and CollabNet. (9:42)
    • 10:32 Microsoft on Open Source
      It can't be easy being the person who speaks for Microsoft about its Open Source strategy. Microsoft General Manager for Platform Strategy Bill Hilf talks to Intel's Danese Cooper about licensing, the Open Document Format, and more generally, about Open Source at Microsoft. (22:26)

Production Notes
The initial montage is from Tim O'Reilly, recorded at OSCON '04 in a phone interview with Doug Kaye of IT Conversations, and used with permission. "The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed yet" is a quote from author William Gibson that Tim used with attribution.

Credits include special thanks to David Battino for composing and performing the theme music. David can be found at Batmosphere.com, and he also edits O'Reilly's Digital Audio site. David provided a lot of help and feedback getting this program launched. We used Soundtrack Pro, Bias Peak, and Audio Hijack Pro to put it together.

Daniel H. Steinberg is a developer, a longtime technical writer, and currently spends most of his time podcasting for O'Reilly.

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