Service Modeling Language: Industry Collaboration for Improved Systems Management

by MichaelF on August 17, 2006 10:00am

On July 31, 2006 Microsoft and a number of other leading technology companies including: BEA, Cisco, Sun, IBM, Intel, HP, BMC, and Dell ANNOUNCED:  "they have published a draft of a new specification that defines a consistent way to express how computer networks, applications, servers and other IT resources are described — or modeled — in extensible markup language (XML) so businesses can more easily manage the services that are built on these resources."  The specification defines a common language for communicating information about  IT services and resources.

This sounds great, but we wanted some more details regarding the scope of this draft specification, its impact on the industry and the technical details behind it.  To get those answers Sam interviewed Praerit Gart, Senior Director of the Dynamic Systems Foundation Team, to discuss the announcement and what it means to the industry and IT Professionals.

You can also download the specification and schema here. The team will be taking direct feedback on the schema, as well as holding a public Feedback Review Meeting on September 12th.

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