OSCON2006 Photo Update

by jcannon on July 28, 2006 01:36pm
We'll have more videos and blogs to come on OSCON2006; in fact, later today we'll be posting an interview with Mindtouch, as well as trip reports from Hank & Anandeep next week. For now - we wanted to share a few pics we snapped from the show floor for those that couldn't make it all the way to Oregon. As you can see from our first picture, the weather stayed beautiful for Day 3 at OSCON 🙂

Greenplum struck me as interesting startup with remarkable passion - especially the keynote delivered by Scott Yara, which challenged the open source community to stay dangerous in the face of establishment thinking. I believe O'Reilly is starting to post the presentations, so you may want to check back. His keynote was eclectic, and was appropriately titled, "School of Rock" - a discussion that thematically drew connections between the disruptive nature of open source and the way rock'n roll changed music in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Some pics from the show floor - and our vantage point...no shortage of interest around O'Reilly.


We also had some time to catch up with colleagues from Microsoft who bravely hosted a BarCamp session on Microsoft and OSS. Tim Heuer, Anand Iyer, Woody Pewitt and Sara Ford all deserve a pat on the back. They also have some great write-ups on their experiences at OSCON as well.

More on Mindtouch later this afternoon....

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