Technical Lab Analysis: ISC DHCP

by jcannon on July 26, 2006 01:37am

In addition to technical tips, blogs and video interviews, the Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft conducts a number of technical analysis and research projects throughout the year to help inform and solve key interoperability challenges between Microsoft and open source technologies. Since our launch, we've been working on a number of projects, the first of which we would like to share today.

The Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft is a key advocate within Microsoft for interoperability with Open Source technologies.  In order to drive discussions and engineering plans around interoperability, we need to initially build a core knowledge base in the particular technology which we can share with product and field teams.

This paper is the first in a four part series on Linux networking technologies: DHCP, IPSEC/VPN, RADIUS, and DNS.

The capabilities of a leading Open Source DHCP software package, ISC DHCP Server, are the focus of this document. The analysis concentrates on the manageability aspects of the ISC DHCP server and provides an overview from the point of view of the Open Source Software Lab, where the DHCP Server was installed, configured and tested. The intent of the document is to pass on the hands on experience gained from the installation, configuration and testing experience.

Download the Networking Roles Analysis Paper: ISC DHCP (PDF, 556KB)

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