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by admin on July 25, 2006 11:56am


More Updates (8/1):

Update, 7/25: We just wrapped up the O'Reilly Executive Day here at OSCON after two days of what many would call record heat in the Pacific Northwest. With many of the Port 25 folks having commuted from larger cities across the US, Portland is a welcome break from the office. For those who haven't been before - the pic this morning from the Willamette River might give you an idea of how beautiful this place really is.

Tuesday started with a panel - The Ghost in the Machine: The Impact of Open Source on Web 2.0 - with Chris DiBona, Open Source Programs Manager at Google, Jim Buckmaster, President and CEO of Craiglist, and Jeremy Zawodny, Technical Manager at Yahoo. The panel was moderated by Tim...an interesting discussion of how these companies, to varying extents, work with the open source community and continue to evolve their blended business models to satisfy the complex needs of both the community and their shareholders. Sorry the pics aren't great - the lighting was somewhat dark.

Bill was up next for an unscripted Q&A with Danese Cooper, Open Source Diva, Intel and OSI. We're trying to get the video so we can post the discussion on the site, but for those that were there.....you already know how unscripted it was. Bill answered questions about everything from the new ODF/OpenXML Plug-in Project to our continuing work on Shared Source licensing. Stay tuned for the video....


Some additional pics on questions fielded from the audience, ranging from general interoperability concerns between open source and Microsoft, to questions about how to grow & educate developers on Web 2.0 platforms. 

We wrapped the day around 8 tonight - with the beautiful weather comes some great views of the mountain peaks surrounding Portland. Not pretending to know for sure, but I believe this is Mt. Hood from downtown Portland

We'll have more to come throughout the week - but our first day at OSCON was great! It's also worth mentioning that we met with a very interesting partner, Mindtouch, and had the fortunate luck to talk to Steve Bjorg, President & CTO. Steve recieved some positive coverage on C|NET today around the work they're doing with Wikis- but more on that later this week, as well as some additional interviews that Bill was lucky enough to conduct.

For those in attendance - welcome feedback, comments & love to hear what you thought of the tutorials & sessions so far. If you'll be there tomorrow, swing by the Expo Floor to pick-up a Port 25 tee-shirt 🙂 Anandeep and Hank will also be roaming OSCON throughout the day.....

See you guys soon

- Port 25

Here we go.....it's the Friday before OSCON and we're really excited about what we have planned for the show. For those of you attending, we hope you can join us for some of the planned agenda. For those who can't - keep an eye on Port 25 in early August for our wrap-up.

This year - Port 25 is a Silver Sponsor of the event - and the theme of this year's OSCON is the growing influence of open source (and being open) on business. We couldn't think of a better theme to support!  So here's a quick run-down of our plans.....if you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a mail at port25@microsoft.com.

      • Bill will be answering questions in the O'Reilly Executive Day, on Tuesday morning, from 9:30 - 10am.
      • Michael and I (the Port 25 webmasters) will be interviewing Mindtouch, who has some interesting stuff to talk about. We'll also be wandering around the show, looking to talk to folks to learn more about what they do & to share some of the interoperability challenges they face. Free t-shirts for those willing to share 🙂
      • Jason Mauer will be presenting a technical track on the Windows Workflow Foundation - Thursday @ 11:35.
      • Anandeep & Hank will also be attending the show on Wed & Thurs - they'll be engaging customers, so feel free to seek them out.
      • At some point, we'll also be hanging with the very talented Sara Ford.

There are a few other things in the hopper, so keep an eye out. We're looking forward to getting some face time with the community & listening more deeply to your concerns. We'll take them back to Microsoft and have follow-up blogs in August. See you next week!


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