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by jcannon on July 23, 2006 08:15pm

We’ve rolled out additional updates to the site this past Friday in response to feedback, and created a new section of the site: Forums

You’ll also notice:

    • Threaded comments update – replies are now visible in flat view
    • Count of comments visible on the feature listing page
    • Trackbacks (at last!)
    • Changed the home page font to improve readability
    • New “Mission and Contributors” page with Port 25’s mission and short bios of the lab crew

We are behind on providing transcripts for all of the interviews, but this work is still under way.  It’s important to us both for accessibility and to make it easier for non-English speakers (enabling machine translation).  We got a suggestion to try using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for transcription but we haven’t tried that yet 😉

Finally, I hope that the podcasts are useful.  I enjoyed learning about Martin Woodward’s work on an open source, cross-platform (Eclipse-based) integration to Team Foundation Server.

Hope you have a great week,

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