Port 25 Housekeeping: Podcasts, Threaded Comments & More

by jcannon on July 07, 2006 02:41pm

It’s only been three months to the day since Port 25 launched. Exactly 73 interviews, posts and tips later we are only just getting started on delivering on our promise of technical and interoperability insight from the lab.  The HPC clustering analysis project is well under way and I expect to have an overview post for that project in the next week.  I’d like to see much more technical content on the site, but it is taking time to get our lab projects ready for public consumption.

For now, I'm excited to announce some site enhancements to how Port 25 allows you to interact, discuss & debate ideas, as well as - yes - consuming content via podcasting.

    • Podcasting - we're going to start publishing podcasts on a semi-regular basis. We've heard feedback from a number of people that are interested in taking these interviews with them, or downloading the audio component...this is a step in that direction. This also lets us reach outside the limits of a video camera & talk to people all over the world & bring you those conversations. Today, we start with Fernando Cima from Brazil, a previous Linux and FreeBSD developer, and now on Microsoft's Security Center of Excellence Team. You can continue to get notices of podcasts on the main RSS feed, and we also have a podcast-only feed for those with dedicated clients. For those using iTunes, you can also subscribe to our podcast here.
    • Threaded Comments (Coming Monday) - our feedback system is a key part of Port 25. It's where we learn what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong and what you guys really care about. Some of you e-mail us directly, but most use the comments feature in the blogs. When we launched, we had a plain, flat structure with limited facilitation of discussion. By Monday morning, we're rolling out threaded comments. Threaded comments enable you to respond to each other, and to view the talkback in a conversational view. You've seen this kind of view before.  Existing comments will remain, and there will still be very limited moderation. Registration will still be required.

I’m interested in your feedback on how much you value the comments features – I’ve heard limited feedback in the last month but it varies from keeping things the same, removing the need for registration, to eliminating comments entirely.  What do you think?

We're looking forward to continuing to grow our community with a set of content & usability enhancements over the coming months. For now, I hope these small changes are a good surprise. Have a great weekend.


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