Calling All Questions!

by admin on May 05, 2006 03:08pm

Over the past four weeks, we've been very excited by the activity on Port 25 - the participation has been very encouraging and has largely kept a positive & healthy perspective. Conspiracy theories aside, this is exactly the kind of thoughtful conversation we want to continue to have. And our key message will not change - it is a heterogenous world in computing and customers of all sizes will always expect solutions to "just work." Interoperability between platforms - such as Windows, Linux and UNIX, is key to meeting that expectation.

But getting IT to "just work" is not easy - by any standard. Most of us live this challenge every day, understanding full well that today's solutions will only be dwarfed by tomorrow's challenges.

That's why we're interested in hearing about your biggest - and smallest - technical challenges. Send them in - your toughest pains, trivial pet peeves - and we'll try & answer them. We've already started here and here. But we know there are a ton more! So starting today, we're calling all technical questions.....send e-mail directly to our lab.

We'll read through each & every one - and start building out responses to help all of us "just work" better together 🙂


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