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by jcannon on March 22, 2006 09:47pm

Healthy and productive discussion only occurs when there are two parties listening & responding to each other – the principle element of all communication. This is the foundation that Port 25 is built on. And everything we do will be guided by a set of 10 hard and fast rules based on that principle:

Port 25 is about having a healthy conversation with customers and the industry wherein people can talk openly and honestly about their biggest interoperability challenges, whether it is on UNIX, Linux, Windows, or among other open source packages.

Be accessible. Our door is always open and the address won’t change. We’re here for the long haul.

Be approachable. No comment goes unread & every idea (common sense required) is openly discussed. No topic is off-limits.

Be smart. Think before you post – everybody is going to have different opinions based on very different experiences. Don’t re-enforce stereotypes or unhealthy perceptions that don’t move the conversation forward.

No Marketing. When we invest in Port 25, we invest to provide tools, resources & opportunities to help the customer, not to sell them.

Know the solution, not the platform. Customers buy solutions that solve business problems. They rarely look at the platform alone; we will approach problems in totality and understand objectively the “right tool for the right job.”

Change takes time. Real change takes time. Change within Microsoft and within the industry will happen with time.

Teach What You Know. A lot of IT knowledge is trapped in our heads and will never be captured in a blog, research paper or study. Take the time to commit & talk to each other when you see an opportunity to help someone solve a problem.

Learn What You Don’t. Take advantage of the community & listen to what each other have to say. We live in a time of unprecedented – and growing – complexity. Every bit helps.

Grow. Our learnings will grow our skills and our understanding of what technology is capable of. This is what will help us – and our customers – work better together.

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