Integrating XAML into PowerShell

Overview In laymen's terms, XAML provides a way to write a GUI for PowerShell. If you ever wrote HTA's for VBScript, the concept of how XAML works is much easier to understand. See here for a more detailed explanation of XAML: In case you have never head of an HTA see here for more…


Exchange 2010 TIFF iFilters

Overview Exchange 2010 has an interesting if little known feature based on Windows TIFF iFilters. I had an interesting problem not long ago where a customer wanted to be able to scan as many attachment types as possible for specific key words. The well known filters were the Office 2010 iFilter pack available here….

Part 2: Managing Local Administrator Passwords

Overview This is Part 2 of a multi-part series on managing local admin passwords. In case you missed it, you can view Part 1 here The Problem One of the challenges associated with generating a random local admin password is how to make the generated password as random as possible. In many of the example…