Windows PowerShell CRL Copy v2 posted to the gallery

Paul Fox has uploaded a revision of his former Windows PowerShell CRL Copy script. The new script is posted at the TechNet Gallery as Windows PowerShell Copy 2. The Windows PowerShell script monitors the remaining lifetime of a CRL, publishes a CRL to a UNC and\or NTFS location and sends notifications via SMTP and the Event Log.

Certificate Revocation Checking Whitepaper

A whitepaper on Certificate Revocation Checking in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 has been publshed on Technet here – Topics in this whitepaper include: ·         What’s new in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 revocation checking ·         How revocation checking works ·         How pre-fetching revocation information improves performance ·         Support for independent OCSP signer…