Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Certificate Services System State Backup and Restore

Windows Server 2012 System State Backup allows an administrator to back-up several Operating System components including those required for a successful restore of a Certification Authority. Any certification authority backup should include the private key, certificate database, logs and the certification authority’s registry configuration. Windows Server Backup Feature should be installed on the certification authority…


Request File Can’t be Located during CA Certificate Renewal

During my work with a customer renewing their Issuing CA’s certificate based on the steps documented in this article, I discovered that the Request file generated couldn’t be located in the default location of %systemDrive% . The Issuing CA didn’t log any errors in the Event Log, nor did it post any error messages. I…


Offline CA articles posted to the TechNet Wiki

Amer Kamal recently posted two articles regarding the security and maintenance of offline CAs based on frequently asked questions from customers. These articles posted as: Security Best Practices for Offline CAs and Offline CA Maintenance Tasks Since they are TechNet Wiki articles, you can not only review them, but also help to improve them.