PKI Library (PKI Documentation and Reference Library Updated)

Tonight I spent a couple of hours reorganizing the PKI Documentation and Reference Library. I also created a vanity short URL to it Finding all our different information on AD CS and PKI can be challenging, so this reorganization will hopefully help you.

If you see articles missing, broken links, or have suggestions - you can contact me about it. Better yet, login and fix the issue yourself. 🙂

Thank you!

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  1. Vadims Podans says:

    Nice work. The best thing there is separation by particular ADCS technology. Just one question: how do you create these short URLs?

  2. Hi I have a question on CA – I have 4 DC installed in my client environment with no CA server manage, 2 DC is in Datacenter 1 and other 2 DC is in Datacenter 2, now the problem is in my client has local computer certificate which will be expire in less than 30 days.

    I have no idea whether it will renew automatically or i have to renew it manually.

    the certificate is on local server like is the machine name is “aaa” then the certificate name is with intended purpose is server authentication and this will be expire soon

    appreciate your reply


  3. shirley says:

    Great work. Thank you for sharing.

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