OMS – Service Map Solution – Unsigned Driver Windows Server 2016


A new Service Map solution got released for OMS lately (until now 25/11/2016 only available in US region) :

The solution requires an additional service to be installed as documented over here:

This image gives you more insight on how the “Microsoft Dependency Agent” works together with the “MMA/OMS Agent”



When trying to install the “Microsoft Dependency Agent” on Windows Server 2016, I noticed following error:

And when looking at my OMS workspace, I noticed that there wasn’t any data available for the server (RRAS):

These 2 drivers are used:

  • Driver path=”C:\Windows\system32\drivers\depagent.sys”
  • Driver path=”C:\Windows\system32\drivers\mdaafd.sys”

When I look at the Details of the drivers, I see that the depagent.sys isn’t signed: (mdaafd.sys is signed)

As a workaround, I disabled “Driver Signature Enforcement” as documented over here:

Disabling Secure Boot ( would resolve the issue as well. But probably not recommended.

When looking at my OMS workspace I now saw data appearing for the server (RRAS):

The solution is just awesome and will give you insight in you monitored environment.

*UPDATE* (30/11/2016) The OMS team is aware of the problem and they are working with the internal signing team to get things right in the next build.


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