Philip Van de Vyver on SCOM and Azure Log Analytics

Information out of the field on Operations Manager and Azure Log Analytics

SCOM – OMS Gateway Monitoring Addendum Management Pack

Sometimes, it’s not clear how many clients that are reporting and if there are any errors with the OMS gateway. If you use SCOM, you can use it to visualize performance, event and health state of the OMS gateway. The OMS documentation is clear on what kind of performance counters and event data that we… Read more

SQL Server 2016 Management Pack – MSSQL 2016: Service Pack Compliance – SP1

Just a quick update on the SQL Server 2016 Management Pack: You might have experienced that no matter what version of SQL Server Service Pack you install, you get this alert: The reason for this alert is actually not the Management Pack, but the SQL Server installation not updating the registry key. When looking at… Read more

PowerShell Alert Update Connector and Orchestrator

Many of my customers have the need to “sort” SCOM alerts to different support teams. In the past, the Alert Update Connector was used: There still are some versions available: The “Supported” way is to use System Center Orchestrator to process your alerts. For my customer I reused this example:  … Read more

Undiscovering / Stop Monitoring SQL 2008/2012/2014/2016 Express Editions

This post is an update of which adds SQL 2014 and SQL 2016 and removes SQL 2005 support to existing mp as per requests of customers. If you have the older version please just download and import this one. For all details about the configuration of the Management Pack, please visit Emre’s Blog. MP Download:… Read more

Healthservice Service SID Type

Hi, While visiting customers, I’m often asked how to configure RunAs accounts for the SQL Management Pack. I love the new way using the Healthservice Service SID as Kevin Holman documented in his blog post over here: I don’t want to go over the configuration of his Management Pack again. I just want to show… Read more

SCOM Environment Classification

I often hear from customers that they are connecting all there Environments (Test, Acceptance, Production) to one SCOM environment. As expected, SCOM will generate alerts for all environments without making a difference between the environment. Customers are asking if we can split up the Environment monitoring in the SCOM console. A sollution could be making… Read more