Finding an Attribute’s Property Set

Attributes vs Property Set If you are granting access on an attribute level it’s most likely you end up with long lists of Access Control Entries (ACEs) on objects in Active Directory. This will lead to database growth, the NTDS.dit will get bigger. It will also lead to degrading performance of you Domain Controller when…


PowerShell: Malware detection and tracking of new autoruns

Old Project realized A month ago I reinstalled one of my PC's and thought of a project I started but never finished many years ago. It was when I found out about autorunsc.exe , one of the many awesome tools from the Sysinternals suite and the creator Mark Russinovich, when I thought of an idea…


Get location of Hyper-V Virtual Machines with Powershell

Sometime you probably like to re-install your system or replace a disk where you have installed Hyper-V. In that situation you better keep track of your VMs files. Here’s a one-liner to list the location of the VM files:   get-vm * |sort-object| ft -auto Name,path,configurationlocation,snapshotfilelocation,@{L=”Disks”;E={$_.harddrives.path}}    


Effective Rights – What can users do?

I guess I’m not the only one that have been sitting and wondering .. Hmm.. What permissions does these users got in Active Directory actually? I can see a lot of groups in the access control list but how do I relate that to a certain user. Ok, we got the Effective Rights tab under…


Take Control Over AD Permissions and the AD ACL Scanner Tool

What is the state of your delegation? Have you a documented and recent report over the permissions in your Active Directory? Have you granted permissions on the relevant OU’s in the past and left it like this ever since?? Maybe it’s time to take a look again to see what’s actually delegated in Active Directory?…

Do You Allow Blank Passwords In Your Domain?

Do you or did you back in the days use your own code or a third party tool to create user accounts that did not update the userAccountControl attribute after the account was created? Well then there’s a change you might have accounts in your domain that are allowed blank passwords or even worse have…