Get location of Hyper-V Virtual Machines with Powershell

Sometime you probably like to re-install your system or replace a disk where you have installed Hyper-V. In that situation you better keep track of your VMs files. Here’s a one-liner to list the location of the VM files:   get-vm * |sort-object| ft -auto Name,path,configurationlocation,snapshotfilelocation,@{L=”Disks”;E={$_.harddrives.path}}    


Effective Rights – What can users do?

I guess I’m not the only one that have been sitting and wondering .. Hmm.. What permissions does these users got in Active Directory actually? I can see a lot of groups in the access control list but how do I relate that to a certain user. Ok, we got the Effective Rights tab under…


Take Control Over AD Permissions and the AD ACL Scanner Tool

What is the state of your delegation? Have you a documented and recent report over the permissions in your Active Directory? Have you granted permissions on the relevant OU’s in the past and left it like this ever since?? Maybe it’s time to take a look again to see what’s actually delegated in Active Directory?…

How to get DRM protected E-Books to be able to be read on a Windows 8 RT device

During the evening yesterday my daughter wanted to read some E-books on her new Windows RT slate. She wanted to borrow an E-Book from our local library in Sweden. I was expecting this to be an easy task and gladley tried to find a download link for Windows RT at the library hompage. I found…