1° Latin American Symposium of SQL Server

 Dear members of the PFE LATAM community and SQL community, last Friday, June 22, 2012 we had our first Latin American Symposium of SQL Server in the Microsoft Mexico Auditorium.

 The agenda for this evens was create by a people with diverse roles like: developers and It Pros. We have speakers like:

 Microsoft PFE Database (Premier Field Engineer)

  • Ivan Lopez
  • Ruben Gonzalez
  • David Santos
  • Edgar Tellez

Mexico SQLPASS leads

  • Héctor Jiménez
  • Miguel Granados

Microsoft TAM (Technical Account Manager)

  • Elías Méndez

Microsoft Solution Sales

  • Abelardo Rodríguez

The initiative of a Latin-American SQL Server symposium was a big effort done thanks to the collaboration of the communities (groups of users) and we hope to expand this over time to other Latin America countries.

The objective of these events is:

1. To have High Quality events in Latin America to share the same information provided at United States events that are presented several times a year, but in our language and at our reach. For many people that works with Microsoft technology or are is interested in them, might not be affordable to travel to the United States for various reasons.

2. Show the advantages and business benefits that Microsoft products and technologies offer, enhancing the productivity and efficiency of companies and individuals working with these. We accomplish this by sharing the features and details of the latest versions of SQL Server products

This year, Microsoft was the sponsor and was key player combining the efforts made by the SQL Server community to make this event a success. The objective of the event is not only to show the products and their benefits, but also generate a symbiosis that allows our partners or business associates (IW category) to publicize the products and services they provide, generating opportunities for them, and strengthening our partners’ ecosystem.

On this occasion, we had approximately 200 participants from 89 different companies. Presentations exposed during the symposium can be downloaded here.

We invite you to share your comments on the topics and what you'd like to see at the following events.

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