Install Service Pack 1 in your SharePoint 2010 farm to explore and take advantage of the new SQL 2012 features

Hi Technet community.

Today I have the privilege to start write in this blog (and a little reward the knowledge I've gained in Technet and MSDN). A few weeks ago it was the launch of SQL 2012 ( and I would like to make a brief reference to the current documentation that will allow us to explore some of its new BI features from SharePoint 2010 perspective.

A few weeks ago in Caracas-Venezuela, business partners and customers met at the Renaissance Hotel, to see first hand the value proposition offered by MIcrosoft to help companies and NGOs in the information management: analysis, reporting fast and simple ("Power View"), over huge data ("Parallel Datawarehouse"), in any location (On Premise, cloud or mix) with high availability ("Always On"). SQL 2012 is here with new features in order to strengthen their commitment with the transactional, spatial, multidimensional and critical information.

From the point of view of collaboration and Insights, this commitment translates into the ability to:
- Support SharePoint 2010 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) databases.
- Editing and publishing in SharePoint sites, reports in any format Office, using "Power View", a new feature of SQL Server Reporting Services for SharePoint.
- Strengthen the high availability databases, SharePoint 2010 (with SP1), by "Always On"

At this moment, SQL 2012 is not mentioned in software requirements documentation for SharePoint 2010, However, We have the following Guide for use SQL 2012 BI features in a SharePoint 2010 farm: This guide describes the possibility of deploying a farm SharePoint on SQL 2012, previously updated with Service Pack 1.

I hope this reference help you to promote the updating of your SharePoint 2010 farm and start to familiarize with the new features of BI in SQL 2012.

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