How to create or use unprotected audio files as ringtones in your Windows Phone 7

Hey there community,

Today we will learn how to create and use WMA or MP3 files as ringtones in our powerfull Windows Phone 7.

Since Microsoft released its Mobile operating system we wished to use our old ringtones from other companies or inclusive from our Windows Mobile phone, today is official we can use WMA and/or MP3 files as ringtones in our phone, but first we need to acomplish some pre-requisites:


  • You can use only WMA or MP3 files
  • Files should be less than 40 seconds
  • Cannot be biger than 1 MB
  • Cannot be protected with digital rights management (DRM)



  • Using any software that allows you to trim the audio file create a file with the specs above
  • Once the file was trimmed > Right click on it and go to properties
  • On the Details tab go to the Genre field and choose or type Ringtone
  • Click OK to save your changes
  • Using Zune software load the file to your Collection
  • Sync with your Windows phone 7
  • You are done, go to Settings > Ringtones+Sounds
  • Now you will find a new category named Custom with all your edited files

Enjoy, for more information about please review


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have no idea man!, this article is about how to use MP3 files as ringtones, we should ask a Zune specialist about metadata

  2. Anonymous says:

    That's weird, how come the Zune software doesn't add meta-data, for instance that Chewbacca was written by Supernova.

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