Welcome all to the new PFE (Premier Field Engineer) Latin America Team and ISS (Incubation Support & Services) Team blog

The main purpose of this blog is to share the experience and the knowledge of the PFE members of the Latin America Team. Experience, not only technical, but about what PFEs do, day after day in the field. PFEs are Microsoft Engineers with deep technical experience and knowledge in Microsoft Products and Technologies, and also a part of the CSS (Customer Service and Support) Team at Microsoft.

In this blog you will also read about the experience of the ISS Team, made up by people with lots of information and experience to share.

Information in this blog can be found by Articles, webcasts, etc, and organized in the following way:

  • By Language (Spanish, Portuguese and English)
  • By Technology:
    • Active Directory
    • Exchange Server
    • SQL Server
    • SharePoint
    • Security
    • Developing
  • By Interest:
    • Technical Articles
    • Non-technical Articles, such as life experience.

Feel free to share your comments and thoughts as well as your experience.

Please note that, by no means this blog plans to replace the already known ways of Microsoft Technical Support. This is only a way to get to know PFEs and share with them.


PFE Latin America Social Media Team

Comments (2)

  1. Yessine says:

    Hi every one ,

    I am Tunisian and I am looking to find a PFE in America , Could you please help me with a list of mails or something wich can help me

    Best regards

  2. Luis Du Solier says:

    Hi Yessine, why are you looking for a PFE in America?, what do you need exactly, we cannot share with you emails directly, what type of information are you looking for, or which issue are you experiencing?

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